Root veggies and beans

Dinner and dessert are in the oven, and it’s starting to smell very, very good!

The main dish is so simple, it’s hardly worth noting the recipe: roasted root vegetables and sausage. Just go to the market and buy one of every root vegetable for sale. Two or three if they’re small or you really like them. Today’s batch has potatoes, carrots, turnip, rutabaga, leek, and garlic and a beet from the garden. Dice into 1-inch cubes, douse with olive oil and seasonings to taste (salt, pepper, and sage this go-around), and bake for 60-90 minutes, stirring every half hour or so. In the last 45 minutes, I’ll throw on two sausages from Apple Schram, a local apple orchard that’s started raising pigs on leftover or spoiled apples. These are their bratwurst, and are probably my favorite local sausage: a flavorful combination of sage, pepper, garlic, and mace (?!).

Dessert will be my squash crumble, which is adapted from the Joy of Cooking’s pumpkin/squash pie recipe. I use less cinnamon and more dried ginger, and instead of putting it in a pie crust, I pour it in a ceramic dish and top it with equal parts flour, sugar, oats, and ½ part butter and a nice handful of minced crystallized ginger. If you can’t get the grain products locally, it tastes great right out of the pan as a custard.

I also realized too late to adjust this batch that my baked beans could also have been made with local ingredients. Usually, I use a can of beans (drained) and eyeball slatherings of molasses, ketchup, prepared mustard, dry mustard, and Urfa Pepper, a type of mildly spicy ground smoke-dried pepper.

This time, I was using homegrown Hidatsa Shield Figure beans . I could have used honey and maple syrup, local prepared mustard, and a fresh tomato or homemade tomato sauce, plus my spices, to make the dish essentially local. I think these beans are going to make fabulous baked beans – they’re huge and firm, almost the size of my thumb – so I’ll try the other version and let you know how they turn out.

Ingredients and origins…

  • Turnip, rutageba, carrots: Tantre Farms – 15 mi
  • Potatoes, leeks: other farmers’ market vendors
  • Beans, beets, butternut squash: garden – 0 mi
  • Sausage: Apple Schram – 80 miles

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