Local grains in Ohio and Indiana

The Clifton Mill in Yellow Springs, Ohio, is more than an eye-popping display of 3.5 million Christmas lights; it’s also a working grist mill and restaurant. You can order their products online or buy them at the mill itself. It also appears that some (most?) of their grain isn’t actually from Ohio, as clarified by this e-mail from the general manager: “I do not think our grains come from Ohio, the companies we get our grains from are in Ohio.” So, it might be worth a try, but I’d be wary about visiting from Thanksgiving through Christmas….

The Bridgeton Grist Mill in Bridgeton, Indiana (about 20 miles from Terre Haute) has an even wider selection of grains available, including open-pollinated red and blue corn. They also have a festival, but this is of the non-lit, fall craft-fair variety in early October. It was surprisingly hard to find their map on their web site, so here it is. I’m not sure yet where their grain comes from.

Also? It appears the secret for finding local grains in the midwest is to do a search for “grist mill” and then sort out all the ones that are just museums.


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