Looking for real food

Due to various airline-related issues – none of them the ice storm that covered half the country yesterday – it’s 7am on Monday and I’m still in an airport. At least they gave me a hotel room last night; if I’d had to listen to this holiday music all night long while trying to sleep on the floor, I might have needed some time alone in a white room to recover.

I ate at Denny’s last night.

Wow. So not real food.

That’s about all I can say about the food. The company was nice, though; I ate with a woman from Flint who I’d sat next to on the last leg of the flight. Turns out she’s an airline mechanic – fuel systems – and I learned a lot about how airplanes are maintained in this country. Or *not* maintained, in the case of Northwest Airlines planes at Syracuse Airport.

Oh well. I’ll be on a plane soon, and my sweetie and two friends had a safe and uneventful drive back from Missouri through what was supposed to be the heart of a huge ice storm. I can sleep now.


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