Oil and sausage and bacon, oh my!

Sunday we took a roadtrip north of here toward Frankenmuth, Michigan. We weren’t intentionally going to Frankenmuth (Christmas capital of the known universe); we were actually headed for Norm’s Market in Richville, Michigan, to buy the only Michigan-grown and -produced vegetable oil I know of.

It ended up being a really amazing trip! Norm’s is a very small grocery store with a very large meat counter. They make their own bacon, Canadian bacon, summer sausage (including venison, elk, and bison), and other sausages – Italian, brats, fennel sausage, among others – right there at the store. It was too busy to get much information on where the pigs were raised, but at least they were made locally. And the prices were great; about half what I’d pay for similar products in Ann Arbor. We bought 2 lb of sausage, a pound of Canadian bacon, and six liters of soybean oil. We had the bacon for breakfast this morning, and it is really, really tasty: sweet and smoky, and not too salty.

The best news is, it’s only about 15 miles out of the way when my sweetie is driving back from the UM Biological Station, which he does 3 times a year – so a trunkful of local meat and oil might be a regular feature of his future trips. I want to visit Frankenmuth sometime when it’s not Christmas, too; there are 2 sausage places and a flour mill I’d like to check out.


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  1. farm mom said,

    January 3, 2008 at 8:25 am

    If you ever go to Franenmuth in the summer, be sure to check out the farmers market. They have a great little paper they produce that has lots of info on area local foods and manufacturers.

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