Garden journal: planting peas

These garden journal entries are just to keep track of what I planted, when. If you live in zone 5b/6, it’s likely you can plant this same stuff about now!

Peas.I planted peas today (Sugar Sprint from Johnny’s Seeds). I planted them around square tomato cages about 1.5″-2″ apart. These short (2′) plants aren’t supposed to need staking, but it’s so much easier to pick them when they are. I grew these last fall and they were fabulous, if not prolific. The pods were small and few, but tasty. I also planted them very, very late, I think. I planted around 2.5 cages and ran out of seeds – I forget how fast peas go when you plant them that closely. The “packet” from Johnny’s is huge – far larger than a supermarket packet – and with the ones I used last year, I’m guessing I planted about 200 seeds this afternoon. Time to start saving seeds, methinks. Peas are one of the easiest to save, too.

On Saturday, I planted onion sets (whatever variety is considered “sweet” at my local garden store). About a pound of sets planted four 8′ long rows on 2″ hexagonal centers (I’ll thin every other one as they grow). Need to clear some strawberries out before I plant the “keeper” onions.

I may hold some of those sets back for a second crop so they are ready closer to fall. Anyone have any input on growing onions for winter storage? I can’t get sets after about mid-May.


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  1. Amy Huepenbecker said,

    April 5, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    You know, I never plant onion sets, I always buy the little onion plants, I normally plant them end of may or so and they are perfect for winter keeping. The best storing variety is the yellow spanish onion. I think the little plants are more prolific than sets and make much nicer green onions for salads ect. I have a root cellar and often keep those onions till about Feb. or so.

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