Garden Journal: Planting Potatoes

Today I planted potatoes: two rows of Sebagos (a late variety) closest to the house, then two rows of Russian Banana fingerling potatoes, then two rows of Onaways (early round white variety), then finished out the bed with more fingerlings.

The fingerlings were potatoes I grew last year, dug up in late October (or early November?), and stored in a bucket of damp peat moss over the winter. They were in great shape until the last week or so, when they started to sprout. There were also a number of mushy/fermenting potatoes, but they didn’t affect the quality of the others in the bucket. The ones I didn’t plant in the garden got dumped on the ex-berm and tucked under some of the composting horse manure and straw spread out there. I’ve heard that potatoes do a nice job of loosening the soil. I probably won’t even try digging up a harvest out there; I’ll just let them do their work and winterkill.

And happy full moon!


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