Stir-fried garden

This time of year, a favorite meal is to wander out into the garden, snip off anything edible, sautee it in olive oil, and serve it on some kind of starch (often brown rice or whole wheat pasta).

I think I’ve eaten this three times this week already. Am I tired of it? Heck no. Winter root vegetables…now those I’m tired of. 🙂 Tonight’s haul included beet greens (remember those beets I shoved in the ground in March?), spinach, chickweed, and the very first leaves of kale, plus two green onions for good measure. If you harvest carefully, you don’t even need to wash the greens…just tear into bite-sized pieces. Tossed that with some Eden Organic (local to me) whole wheat/parsley/garlic spaghetti and some chickpeas (not local but bought from a local bulk supplier). Yum. Tasty and quick.

Oh. You want a picture? Um…you should have asked before dinner…



  1. jabster said,

    May 23, 2008 at 9:41 am

    Yes, we’ve been having a lot of that, too. Another thing that is nice is to sautee the thinned-out baby carrots in a little olive oil — or butter if you’re feeling indulgent. It makes me feel less sad to thin those carrots!

  2. July 18, 2008 at 2:30 pm

    We have had a slow start to our garden, but we have been able to pull some squash, zuchinni, a few peppers, and a handful of cherry tomatoes from our garden thus far. We ate from a “pot” of spinach planted at my back door for the early part of this season.
    Today, I harvested a yellow squash to fry up for my daughter when she came home for lunch and decorated her plate with the only two red ripe cherries on the vines today. She topped that off with a peanut butter sandwich before heading back off to work.

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