Farmers’ Marketing: Affordable Websites for Food Producers

Carrot and tomatoSo much of the local food movement happens online – we find out about local producers at Local Harvest, we read food blogs from our area,  we compare CSAs online, we check out web sites to see if it’s worth driving to someone’s farm to pick up an order.

Have you ever run across a great farm with a horrible web site? Do you find yourself fighting the tendency to have the same perception of sloppiness and amateurishness to the farmer? Have you ever thought, “I’d totally patronize this person…if I could figure out what *state* their farm is in??” I know not everyone has the time or the skill set or the money to get a professional web site made, but man, wouldn’t it be nice if they could?

Well, perhaps they can. A web designer friend of mine, Emily at Glass Pen Web Designs, is having a special on simple, elegant web sites for market farmers, CSAs, and others who are involved with local food production. In support of local farmers, she’s reduced her usual rate for a professional web site to offer a basic package that includes:

  • Four or five pages: Home, About Us, Crops, Where to buy, and an optional news/blog page.
  • A sleek, sophisticated design based off either a horizontal or vertical template. You get to choose the colors and banner image (clip art or photos of your farm).
  • A new or updated listing on Local Harvest, so people can find you and your site.
  • Price: $400

Optional features available:

  • A blog, so you can write about life on the farm, or just update your site with “what’s in season” or “what’s at the market this week” yourself through an easy web-based form ($50 for a generic blog; $100 for a customized blog that blends visually with the rest of your site)
  • Additional images (in addition to the banner image) are about $25 each, depending on how much alteration they need
  • You can use your own web host or Glass Pen can host the site for you for $80/year (this is a very, very good rate; many places charge $20/month)

You can contact her through this form.


1 Comment

  1. Derrick said,

    July 17, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    Sounds I will recommend this to a farmer friend of mine even though I think the hosting is little expensive at 80$ a year : (

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