Ike non-rant

It would be lot easier to rant about global warming, the fact that a large percentage of US gasoline refineries are about to get trashed, and the stupidity of cities on barrier islands if I didn’t have family in the Houston area.

My in-laws are in a no-evacuate zone. Ten times as many people died during the evacuation of Houston for Hurricane Rita than due to the storm itself. (Though I do wonder how many would have died if they hadn’t evacuated at all.) So the mainland part of Houston and the southwest suburbs where my in-laws live have been requested NOT to evacuate. Well and good; storm surge is the biggest danger from Ike, and they’re well out of that path. I do worry that they’re not prepared for a week or more without power, which seems like an altogether plausible circumstance…but maybe they just need to weather the storm and power will be back on in a day or two.

My aunt and uncle-in-law, however, are only a couple miles from the mandatory evacuation zone, and they refuse to leave their home. They are at an elevation of 43 feet and only a few miles from a large inlet to Galveston Bay, which may see a 20 foot rise in water levels. I am honestly fearing for their lives right now.

UPDATE: Aunt and uncle have evacuated and are safely at in-laws’ house! So that’s one huge relief.

This is going to be such a huge mess. Personally, ecologically, economically. I don’t think there’s any more preparation we can do. Now we just wait and see how bad it’s actually going to be.

Petitioning any deity, spirit, or being of power you’ve got the ear of wouldn’t hurt.


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  1. Jen in MI said,

    September 13, 2008 at 12:36 pm

    I’ll most definitely be thinking of your family. I wish we’d learn some lessons. My post today concerns organizations that will help hurricane victims.

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