Great food day

Actually, it was just a great day, period!

Slept in and woke up refreshed and had soup for breakfast. Got a few things done (balancing checkbooks and the like), then headed out with my sweetie for what turned out to be a very pleasant series of adventures.

sandwichFirst, lunch at my favorite restaurant in town. I asked the waiter, “So what’s local? Andy grass-fed beef?” and he said that their new chef is now sourcing the daily features locally. Now, two of the things on the list were mahi mahi and salmon, and I think the mahi mahi catch in Lake Erie was pretty bad this year, so I’m taking it with a grain of salt. However, it was a quick, easy conversation to have. There was no grass-fed meat on the menu, and we reiterated that we would be happy to pay and extra dollar on a burger if it were grass-fed.

I ended up getting the Cubano sandwich I’d been craving. I don’t get it often, because it’s from unhappy pigs, but when I deprive myself of my favorites for too long, I get depressed and unmotivated about the whole local-sustainable-free range thing. So I got the sandwich, and it was really lovely. They’re slicing the roast pork much thicker, so it’s jucier. There was also proportionately less ham this time, which is great – far less salty. And eating plain ol’ french fries was just a treat. Thus, lunch.

Then we headed out to get groceries. We haven’t done more than “pick up a few things” in…wow, ages, it seems, and we took the time to really browse the store and let the bounty inspire us. Among other things, we got the best commercial tortillas in this part of the world, the first kale I’ve had to buy since June, whole cream-top milk so my love could make yogurt, and sushi rice. And it was just nice to be out with my guy, shopping and chatting. He also spotted a really awesome set of holiday lights on our quick trip into the store next to the grocery; they combine white LED lights and silver spheres, strung together like beads on a string. They are the perfect scale for the Christmas Hibiscus, and they were 50% off. 🙂 Thus, shopping.

We then headed across town to drop off a pie and clementines to a friend, but the household was at the funeral and I’d forgotten the cooler. I was afraid to leave the pie to the tender mercies of neighborhood critters, so we ended up not leaving the food.

charcuterieThen we stopped to get my love The Best Latte In The City, and I browsed the selection of imported salamis. A super-helpful clerk came by and we talked about types of salami, with lots of samples, for quite a while. I ended up buying a quarter pound of shaved mustard seed salami. It seemed so decadent, but the whole experience cost $3.75 and left both of us smiling and our tongues tingling. It might become a Sunday tradition with us; wander over to Morgan and York, sample our way through a small section of the deli, and buy something lovely for lunch or dinner. (We’re going to have the salami with fresh bread and cheese tomorrow after yoga class.) Thus, more shopping.

Finally, we came home and made our own sushi. That was a whole other fabulous experience, and worthy of its own post. Stay tuned!

The best thing about the day, I would say, was the attention we were able to give everything. We were both rested, not worried about tons of other stuff, and happy to be out together. The food was worth paying attention to. I wasn’t sweating every last food mile or feeling guilty about my choices. Just…enjoying, in a way that moved from a simple pleasure to something beautiful and gratifying.



  1. Leasmom said,

    January 11, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    Sounds like a good day!

  2. Heather said,

    January 11, 2009 at 10:43 pm

    This post made me so frickin’ hungry!!! 🙂

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