Too warm!

thermometerThough it was only 18 degrees outside today, it got up to 70 in the greenhouse. Wish I’d been able to enjoy that! But really, I think it’s too warm for this time of year. I bet the plants would do a lot better with smaller temperature swings. I have automatic vent openers, but won’t be able to install them for a few days. I guess I’ll just prop the vents open a little; better that the greenhouse be 15 degrees overnight than 70 during the day … at least until nights can stay consistently above freezing.


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  1. onestraw said,

    January 24, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    The vent openers will help and are a great idea, but another thing to consider is how warm the air is near the ground and your plants. In my hoopie house, the spinach is only 2″ tall or so and the temp swings that low are much smaller due to the thermal mass of the soil. Row covers could help with this as well, but I am not sure if they would make it better or worse.

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