Overdue update

busyWhew. It’s been a busy time for me the last couple weeks! And while I’ve been frequently doing that blogger thing of pausing in the middle of a great experience and thinking, “How am I going to blog about this?” I’ve not been carrying through and actually doing the writing.

So here’s what’s been on the table latley (literally and figuratively). Hint: there are tigers and kormas and stones and summits…roadtripLast weekend, my sweetie and I took a long weekend and drove to North Carolina to see some dear friends who have finally moved into their home together. (Stupid law school. Stupid jobs. How dare you stand in the way of true love!) The trip down included a wholly unplanned visit to Lehman’s, where we had a rather disappointing lunch and did a lot of ogling of things we’d love to have but don’t, strictly speaking, need. It added quite a bit of time to the trip, but it’s good to know if I ever need a 25 gallon pickling crock, I can pick it up and not have to pay shipping.

While in NC, we visited Tiger World. This is a tiger rescue operation – not quite a zoo, but I think I liked it better. The animals all seemed much more…alert? Engaged? Alive? than most zoo animals. It may have been for “bad” reasons – the tigers were fairly kittenish and probably pretty far removed from “wild,” but then…they are not in the wild, so why not interact with the humans? Or maybe it was just because they generally had space to move, feline company, and no hordes of people gawking and screaming at them.

Also visited Hanging Rock state forest (or national park?). Big. Trees. Lots of Up. Haaaaaaaaappy forest = haaaaaaaappy Emily! At one point, there were vultures circling the peak. There was also apparently a small airplane somewhere behind us, which gave the impression that the vultures had roaring engines. 🙂

daalThere was a muchness of good food, too. Sunday night, we made saag dal, chicken korma, and fresh naan. Oh dear me. It was so good. I knew it sounded silly, even if as I said it, but the chicken korma tasted exactly like Indian food. Exactly like Indian food. I never thought I could make a kitchen smell like an Indian restaurant, nor make a dish that authentic and good. Wow. We literally spooned sauce onto our plates to mop it up with rice and naan.

On the way home, we found a faster route, and we also realized at least three people we know are at least vaguely on the route home. They will recognize themselves by references to Baklava, “Not, I repeat _not_, a Neo-Nazi,” and Quack. Good to note for next time!

Work was insane upon my return. Note to self: never let a Monday go by without checking e-mail. But the yoga class I’ve organized at work did actually start the new session without me Monday night (yay), and the Preserving Traditions noodle-making event is now completely booked for Feb. 8th.

stonesAnd Monday night I started plotting a Challenge for y’all. Details forthcoming, but it’s a way to push yourself to reduce carbon production that’s challenging, but do-able for us mortals who aren’t read to Riot yet. It will be called the Stone-by-Stone Challenge, and it focuses on actions that will reduce carbon emissions by one stone (14lb.).  Sample actions include saving 1 gallon of propane, 3/4 gallon gas, or taking 3 showers that are 5 minutes long instead of 10 minutes long.

And then yesterday was the Local Food Summit! I’m starting to recognized folks in the local food community, and also be recognized in return. It’s just slightly eerie. 🙂 It was really energizing (though I actually feel a bit tapped out today) and led to some discussion of doing some paid research and proposal-writing for a group that hopes to talk to folks in Lansing and hopefully get some backing for a rather large-scale local food-related business. There are no details yet, and I probably couldn’t share them if they existed, but we’re talking something on the scale of a meat packing plant or a commercial greenhouse. Or maybe, just maybe, a co-generation setup like the one Rob’s working on in Wisconsin.

I think that’s it. My sweetie is out of town, and I’ve just barely had enough time and energy to miss him before my head hits the pillow. Which it’s about to do, and no pesky alarm tomorrow morning! Though I do have to get up and draft an entire consulting project so I can get it out of the way before I can do the fun work.


Wish I had time and energy for more flowery prose, but tonight, it’s just the facts, man.




  1. January 31, 2009 at 11:54 am

    It sounds like a rich time!

  2. February 1, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    Yeah, OK, I recognized myself — right after saying to myself, “Lehman’s? You were practically in my back yard!” Relatively speaking, as it’s about 20 minutes away, but STILL… 🙂 Next time, don’t drive by, girl!

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