work pile

  • Hubby and I just had a fabulous grass-fed steak dinner (with fresh green beans and salt potatoes) for a grand total of $6. Remind me why we ever eat out?
  • Yesterday, Suzie and I made the first foray into the Cooking with Laura project. Details coming soon…
  • Salsa canning day at Preserving Traditions was a success! About six and a half gallons total (52 pints).
  • Oh so busy at work, but it’s happy-busy. I get to make things, which always makes me happy.
  • My squash and cantaloupe aren’t ripe yet, but the vines are dying due to beetle infestation. 😦
  • I forgot to open the greenhouse vents this morning and it got up to 118 degrees today. Doh!
  • I need to write a post about the first year with the greenhouse. It’s been…disappointing.
  • In another month, we’ll take delivery on half a pastured hog! I’m hoping to get lard and bones in the deal. I’ve heard you can’t make pork bone stock, but I think they’re wrong…

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  1. aimee said,

    September 3, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    we grow one pastured hog a year. I’m here to tell you you are going to be happy with it. Very flavorful. But don’t count on lard; many breeds are very lean these days and naturally, pastured animals tend to be leaner than feedlot animals. But YES you can make stock with pork bones. Silly people, haven’t they heard of posole?

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