Quirky and yogurt making

My husband pointed me to Quirky the other day. This is a product design and development community that helps people get their ideas into people’s hands. You submit your idea, it gets hashed over by both amateur and professional product developers, and when a production-worthy product is fully designed, it goes up on the site for pre-ordering. When a product gets enough pre-orders, it is produced and sold.

One item they have for pre-order right now is a non-electric, thermal yogurt maker called “Yogurt by You.”  I love that it works by storing the heat already in the milk – no electricity needed for culturing. It also has a built-in mechanism for draining the whey, so you get a thicker, Greek-style yogurt. Also, it looks very nice, which I admit is a factor for me.

Downsides are that it is “one more gadget,” and that you could do something similar with a large Thermos container or any of half a dozen other methods (put it in a cooler with jars of hot water, in the oven with the pilot light on, etc.). We do the same thing with our thermal cooker pot, which is three times more expensive but also three times more useful.

Hmm…that gets me wondering…could you use this as a 2-quart thermal cooker pot? The only way we’ll know is if it goes into production and someone tries it out, I guess. If you want to pre-order one, go to http://www.quirky.com/products/19-Yogurt-By-You and place your pre-order. You won’t be charged until (if) it goes into production.


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