So close…root cellar insulation almost done.

It was a mixed bag working on the root cellar this weekend. Saturday, I got lots done (all the batts of insulation into the ceiling/floor joists) but on Sunday I was too tired and cranky (and breaking drill bits, and running out of hardware…) to get a whole lot done. But here’s the current status:

Safety first when working with fiberglass…
The Insulator

First step was to cut the batts to length and place them between the joists.
Installing batts

The finished batting:
Installing batts

Then I put scraps of rigid insulation between the joists over the door wall, so air wouldn’t flow in sideways through the batts. This also looks a lot neater.
Rigid insulation

I was quite thrilled that out of four 4×8′ sheets of rigid insulation, this is pretty much all that’s left over:

Next up: installing the rigid insulation on the ceiling, and sealing the cracks with tape and probably caulk or spray foam around the edges. I want to be sure moisture doesn’t get up into the batts and cause mold to grow.

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I'm an instructional designer and gardener based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Free moments find me in my garden or the forest, hugging trees and all that jazz.

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