GMO sugar beet debate continues

So, in August, a judge in N. California ruled that genetically-modified sugar beets can’t be planted next year, until the Ag Department completes a environmental impact statement. That’s a big deal, since about 95% of next year’s sugar beet crop (equal to half the sugar sold in the US) comes from GM sugar beets.

However, last week, the USDA said it would issue permits to farmers to plant GM sugar beets, so long as those beets were not allowed to flower.

The Center for Food Safety, Sierra Club, and other groups have filed suit against the USDA to stop the permits.

Hang on, folks…looks like a bumpy ride…


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  1. varmentrout said,

    September 14, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    What stands out to me in this debate is that the sugar beet industry attempted to block the usual kinds of protest against high-tech ag by a decree that all sugar beets would be GM. This meant that we couldn’t get into the labeling fights that we have had in other foodstuffs like non-rbst milk.

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