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Several people have commented recently on my vegetarian recipes pages (by far my most-viewed pages) that if I wrote a cookbook, they would buy it. I’m afraid two solid months of recipes is all I have in me at the moment – but I thought hey, if people would buy a fancy-schmancy cookbook for $20, would they perhaps be willing to chip in $5 for the existing 40+ recipes on the site? And what about all the equipment experiments I’ve done? Would anyone be moved to chip in a dollar or two to defray those costs?

I’ve weighed the possibility of asking for donations for a long time, and generally come down on the side of “that’s kinda tacky.” Then I thought no, advertising would be tacky.  This is just giving folks the opportunity to send a couple bucks my way if they are so moved.  I’ve done that many times on other people’s sites, and I generally feel it’s a perfectly reasonable way to defray costs.  Direct micro-funding, in a way.

The impetus to do this now is that I have some big ideas for homestead expansion this year – namely a home permaculture orchard of four apple trees, at least four hazelnut bushes, bush cherries, raspberries, and perhaps hardy pecan and peach trees. Not to mention a passel of false indigo plants for nitrogen-fixing and an understory of strawberries and wintergreen (if it’ll grow here).  I’m starting to add up the tally, and it’s going to cost a pretty penny. I also want to buy a Harvest Kitchen half-share this summer to feed me while I’m teaching Preserving Traditions classes, doing my own gardening and food preservation, and helping a few neighbors with theirs.  It will cost even more than the trees, but will be worth it to keep me fed and rested during the busy season.

So, I humbly hang out my secure PayPal donation button and say: There it is.  If you feel so moved, many, many thanks.   And if sending a donation doesn’t grab you, no worries at all.

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1 Comment

  1. Momster said,

    February 19, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Have really enjoyed learning from all your work—and awesome spreadsheets! Am so willing to chip in!

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