Neighborhood Can-A-Thon

Cooks in the kitchen - 7How many cans can local canners can? Let’s find out Saturday, August 27th during the Neighborhood Can-A-Thon! In 2010, 12 canners at the Grange canned 79 pints of salsa…this year, let’s blow that record out of the water bath!

Sign up solo or with a team and bust out your ruffled apron or your battered Birks. You’ll work in one team member’s kitchen to can a bunch of tomatoes, salsa, pickles, or whatever else you like. Then join the rest of the canners (and any family or friends you care to bring) at the Pittsfield Grange for a local dinner that you don’t have to cook! We’ll enjoy a stress-free meal, share stories, swap samples, and mark up the Grand Can Tally Board to see just how many jars we will pack into our pantries this year.

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  1. Lorna said,

    September 21, 2011 at 2:47 am

    What a wonderful idea! It would be so nice if more communities had events like this. It would be especially helpful to newbies to canning, and those who don’t have the space–perhaps a church or other organization with a commercial kitchen could donate their space? The possibilities are endless, and exciting! Keep up the good, and yummy, work.

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