Cheap doorway renovation

Our breezeway (between the garage and kitchen) is essentially unheated, and we quickly discovered the year we moved in that it poured 45 degree air into the house all winter. We quickly threw a curtain in the doorway – this was a remnant of “window quilt” fabric my mom had given me years ago, covered with a piece of cloth to dress it up a bit.  It was simply tacked onto the wall on the breezeway side – serviceable and not too hideous.

Door beforeIn the breezeway, there’s a door to the garage, and one to outside. The outside door has always leaked like a sieve (I can hear Grandpa saying “You could fly a kite on that draft!” ) and we decided it was time to take care of that.  So when we took the old door down, we reused it to replace this curtain. I just finished repainting the door today (still have to do the trim) and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!
Red door

It’s still a fairly leaky door, but there’s actually less daylight showing around the door in this location than in its old frame, and we’ll weather-strip it soon, too. It’s at least as effective as the old curtain, and I have to say I’m pleased that it looks a little more “finished” than the old curtain.  This also frees up the curtain for other uses – I might make thermal curtains for our bedroom, for example.

For this project, I also discovered “Paint Pods” (sitting on the shelf, lower-right). They are intended to be used to paint large swatches on a wall to test colors, but I thought they would be perfect to do this tiny amount of painting. Instead of spending $13 on a quart of paint for this tiny job, I used the $4 Pods (red and white). The one downside is that this is not “scrubbable” paint by any stretch – wipe it with a damp cloth and pigment comes away on your cloth.  On the up side – much cheaper and much less leftover paint, and I don’t expect I’ll be washing this door very much.


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  1. November 9, 2011 at 7:36 am

    Nice redo. The things we remember our elders saying are really gems, aren’t they? I use those sample paints for projects all the time. It makes it easy to play with colors. And I usually have fun splashing the colors around here and there.

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