Software for facilitating sharing?

Ok – tapping the VURD*. What are your favorite resources that facilitate sharing, swapping, bartering, etc.? My homemade noodles for your homemade socks; my oil for your grain; I’ll grow the tomatoes and you can them…that sort of thing.


(*”Vast Unpaid Research Department”)



  1. angela said,

    February 5, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    this is a big one….we should chat more about this as it relates to our scio community thing…still a possibility. doug’s the one with whom to speak. maybe when you are here for brunch next sunday?

    meantime: i can definitely trade eggs-chicken meat in late summer-fall, rabbit meat at times, all sorts of vege-herbs. baby chicks and rabbit for breed stock and may day-easter gifts, chicken stock and beef stock frozen or fresh. I make herb tinctures to trade and herb vinegars. would love to trade for dried and fresh corn (non gmo) and some staple crops including dried beans. i make kim chi and could trade for kraut. would like to trade for local honey, maple syrup, goat milk raw, goat cheese, sheep cheese, fresh yogurt, nuts, seeds, ginger, lemon, avocado, figs, apples, cider,grapes and other wine making berries….lets do a salsa party again make more this year same for tomatoes. would like to make ketchup and bbq sauce together and tomato sauce. xxoo

  2. Ken said,

    February 6, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    I can interpret this question two ways and I wonder if you mean one or both of them.

    a) through what organizational instruments is sharing facilitated
    b) what goods and services do you like to share

    The latter of those is generally easier to answer!

    I find that I am a processer more than I am a producer: I am more into working on value-added products than raw materials. I want to get your milk in exchange for a share of my cheese; your fresh apples for a share of their dried form; your fresh produce for my canned/pickled goods.

    There’s the direct-exchange like that (you give me the raw, I keep a share of the product and give some to you) and then also the secondary trade: now I’ve got 64 jars of pickled beets (i wish!) — I don’t need those all my self (or maybe i do…?) so I’ll take some of my beets and trade them for eggs, greens, etc.

    My most frequent not-for-processing desires (what I want from others) are: eggs, greens, fresh veggies. Sometime bread.

    In addition to processed-goods, my most usual extra (what I have to share with others) is time/labor.

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