Sprouting potatoes

I have something like 50 pounds of potatoes sprouting madly in the root cellar! What should I do with them, besides plant them?

On a side note, all of the Kennebecs are sprouting, but very few of the Yellow Finns are.

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6 thoughts on “Sprouting potatoes

  1. Ugh. Too many potatoes are the worst root cellar leftover. They’re hard to turn into food that freezes is my problem.

    There’s an incredible recipe in “Fresh Food Fast” for Chipotle potatoes that are 1 inch cubes where it tastes like you’re eating delicious unhealthy potato chips but since it’s only the outside of the cube it’s actually pretty low calorie low sodium. It’s a neat trick. I’ve got about 30 pounds to use up. I could eat recipe every other day for a month and not get tired of it.

    Lately I’ve been using mine on pizza. Sliced, roasted in a 9×12, and then put them on before the sauce and cheese. I got the idea from local Anthony’s Gourmet pizza.

    Carol Dreppe’s the Resilient Gardener book has a million potato use ideas. She consumes about 1800 lbs of potatoes a year with her husband and ducks.

    My other root cellar problem is the carrots in the root cellar have been using up their sugar vainly struggling toward the light. They’re getting pretty bland even when roasted and I’ve got about 20 pounds left. I kinda overdid them last year. I’m switching to parsnips this year because carrots are so cheap and readily available.

    I feel bad dumping leftover stuff on food gatherer’s, but as long as I’d still be willing to eat it (in smaller increments), it’s better than composting.

    1. Edge – I can’t grow a carrot to save my cellar! Maybe next year I can buy some off you or swap for other produce or canned goods?

  2. You could make a poultice mixed with freshly grated garlic..mash together and rub on feet then wrap them in cloth and plastic. Leave on over night. Good for all that ails you, carbuncles, planter warts and boils. My mom swore it got rid of warts but she also believed in an old wives tale that said to plant the potato afterwards in your garden or flower bed. She said it worked for warts she had on her hands. ?

    I would make a Ms. Potato Head Action figure with at least one then donate-trade-sell the rest to those who feel like growing potatoes….

    Thank you for trading some with our CSA! we thank you. 20 lbs. what varieties? 🙂 Angela

  3. Down Town Home and Garden ran out of organic yukon gold seed potatoes this year, so I am experimenting with buy organic store bought potatoes, waiting until they sprout and planting them.

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