Energy audit

We had an energy audit done in November. It was quite useful – moreso than I’d really expected. We were able to determine that the vents to the rock pile constitute about 1/3 of all the air infiltration to the house – even with the steps we’d taken to block the drafts. I could also see on the thermal scanner where cold air was pouring in around windows (and easily blocked with caulk), and got great info on the best way to insulate the utility room to keep the bathroom above it warmer. (Hint: insulate the whole room – don’t just insulate the joists/floor above.)

The insulation work was done in two days the week of Thanksgiving – one day for all the foam work, like sealing the rim joists, the utility room, and the headers on the wall studs into the attic. Day two was blowing in insulation into the attic.

The difference is amazing. The upstairs used to always be colder than the downstairs, and the upstairs bathroom had been too freezing to use. Now the upstairs holds its temp pretty steadily at a comfortable 63-67 degrees, and the bathroom is cool but usable. (The tile floor is still really cold; once we get the shower leak sorted and really start using that bathroom, we may turn the underfloor heating on for a bit in the morning. We’ll have to see what kind of energy hog it is.) There hasn’t been much noticeable change downstairs, except that the utility room is about 5-6 degrees warmer. We still need to do better air sealing between the sunroom and the living room – though on sunny days, we don’t mind at all. If the sun is out all day, it’ll be 70+ in the living room!



  1. December 3, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    Hi Emily — what company did you use for insulating? That’s also on our agenda!

    • Anonymous said,

      December 3, 2012 at 9:55 pm

      Wellhome. They are out of Lansing or Howell, though, and might not work as far east as Ypsi.

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