Money-Saving Garden

This garden is designed to grow some of the most expensive crops you buy. Sadly, I’m writing for a Michigan audience, so avocados aren’t on the list! But here are some things to try.

Herbs, garlic, greens, peas, green beans, and tomatoes

In April (in southern Michigan), plant these things:

  • Lettuce – surprisingly pricey per pound. Most of the price comes from the labor of washing it! But it’s easy to grow at home, at least until the 4th of July, when it will go bitter.
  • Snap or snow peas – eat the whole pod! As a bonus, these will taste better than anything you can buy at the store.
  • Kale and chard – if you love greens, you can grow them easily at home.
  • Garlic – if you like fresh garlic, especially in unique varieties, this is a huge money saver. Just push cloves of your favorite into the ground root end down, and in late summer, each clove will have grown into a full bulb. (Most garlic is planted in the fall.)

Once it’s really warmed up (mid-May), plant these:

  • Green beans – both bush and pole varieties. While they aren’t super expensive to buy, they are so productive and easy to grow, you can harvest a very high dollar value.
  • Tomatoes – slicers or “paste” tomatoes for making sauce. Especially if you like “heirloom” varieties, this can save a bundle.
  • Herbs – basil, rosemary, sage…whatever you like. Buy the plants already started and they’ll pay for themselves many times over.
  • Raspberries – They need a sunny spot and room to roam, but raspberries are unbelievably expensive at the store because they are so fragile to ship.

For more garden plans, see:

Published by Emily

I'm an instructional designer and gardener based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Free moments find me in my garden or the forest, hugging trees and all that jazz.

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