New favorite soup: Mulligatawny

I first had mulligatawny soup a month or two ago at Taste of India. I was, at first, confused because I was thinking “mulligan stew” not “mulligatawny soup,” but once I tasted it, I didn’t much care what it was called. It’s creamy, but non-dairy, flavorful and very satisfying.  Here’s what I cobbled together atContinue reading “New favorite soup: Mulligatawny”

Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Menu

For background, see Adrenal Recovery, Pt. 1 For the week, prepare: One batch of veg-heavy soup – 2 quarts Make stock from a rotisserie chicken carcass – use good salt (Celtic gray, Himalayan pink, or Realsalt) and add extra gelatin or collagen Chicken veg soup: stock plus carrots, celery, cabbage/bok choi/broccoli Butternut squash soup Mulligatawny soup reading “Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Menu”