Why office jobs are better than homesteading

Interesting story behind this post – I saw a link to it on my dashboard and thought “Hey, that sounds like a great article – I’ll go read that” only to discover it was the “Drafts” section of my dashboard. I wrote this two and a half years ago, and every word of it stillContinue reading “Why office jobs are better than homesteading”

New Directions at Preserving Traditions

After three years and something over 50 workshops, I am stepping down from heading Preserving Traditions. The last two last workshops currently planned are July 23 (Intro to pickling) and  Aug 27 (Intro to Canning), both at the Chelsea Library from 7-8pm. What’s next for PT? I’m glad you asked, because the answer is largelyContinue reading “New Directions at Preserving Traditions”

Review: Electric Canner

Wow. I think I’m turning into a gear hog. *chagrin* I keep buying things that are not, strictly speaking, necessary for home food preservation – but which I hope will help scale up home food processing to something above “one woman and a kettle” but not quite “$10,000 of commercial equipment on a small assemblyContinue reading “Review: Electric Canner”

Betty Springfield: Thank her for your canning classes

My grandmother, Betty Springfield, didn’t teach me how to can (my mom did). And I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that when I was a kid, I preferred Vlassic pickles to her home-canned ones. (What can I say? Six-year olds think whatever they are familiar with is the One Right Way for things to taste.) WhatContinue reading “Betty Springfield: Thank her for your canning classes”

Letter to Rep. Mark Ouiment re: HB 4214

Dear Rep. Ouimet, I am appalled by the content of HB 4214, which allows the governor to dismiss the elected officials of a “municipal government” if that government is deemed to be in financial distress. As your constituent, I trust you will make strenuous efforts to prevent this bill from being passed.  I am awareContinue reading “Letter to Rep. Mark Ouiment re: HB 4214”

HB4214: Whereby the governor of Michigan can dismiss your locally-elected officials

Ok, folks, I don’t usually get directly into politics, but this is really serious. I also don’t have it all figured out yet, and I’m not sure what to do about it, but we sure need to do something. The deal is, HB4214 has passed (in slightly different versions) both the Michigan House and theContinue reading “HB4214: Whereby the governor of Michigan can dismiss your locally-elected officials”