New Directions at Preserving Traditions

After three years and something over 50 workshops, I am stepping down from heading Preserving Traditions. The last two last workshops currently planned are July 23 (Intro to pickling) and  Aug 27 (Intro to Canning), both at the Chelsea Library from 7-8pm. What’s next for PT? I’m glad you asked, because the answer is largelyContinue reading “New Directions at Preserving Traditions”

Betty Springfield: Thank her for your canning classes

My grandmother, Betty Springfield, didn’t teach me how to can (my mom did). And I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that when I was a kid, I preferred Vlassic pickles to her home-canned ones. (What can I say? Six-year olds think whatever they are familiar with is the One Right Way for things to taste.) WhatContinue reading “Betty Springfield: Thank her for your canning classes”

Preserving Traditions Camp Survey

I am considering running a Preserving Traditions “train-the-trainers camp.” The goals of the camp would be for participants to: Learn how to plan and lead effective workshops Practice teaching and get feedback on your own facilitation skills Explore a variety of technology tools for organizing and promoting workshops Learn new food preservation and preparation skillsContinue reading “Preserving Traditions Camp Survey”

How to run a salsa work day

We (Preserving Traditions) made 79 pints of salsa a couple weeks ago at the Pittsfield Grange. How on earth do you organize such an event? Like this. A few notes: The biggest pain is figuring out what each person should bring. Recipes mix units, such as “7 quarts diced tomatoes, two pounds of peppers, andContinue reading “How to run a salsa work day”

New PT workshop outlines

Ok…I need reviewers interested in Preserving Traditions to go to, scroll down about halfway, and let me know what you think of the workshop outlines. The idea is to lay out everything a would-be presenter needs to know to run a workshop on a particular topic (assuming they are able to do the skillContinue reading “New PT workshop outlines”

New Preserving Traditions web site is up!

Ok, it probably doesn’t look all that different to you (which is kinda the point), but I’ve finally gotten up and running and not just pointing at the WordPress blog. You’ll notice the calendar is a little more slick, and there’s a prominent link to our Flickr photo group. (Please contribute photos!) The “about”Continue reading “New Preserving Traditions web site is up!”