Cooking with Canned Salmon

Canned salmon has a lot going for it! Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon is… high in protein, omega-3 fats, and calcium low in mercury sustainably harvested (gets a “good” rating from Seafood Watch) shelf-stable and lasts 4+ years unopened shipped sustainably (unrefrigerated cargo containers on trains/ships) currently half the price of grass-fed ground beef per pound tastyContinue reading “Cooking with Canned Salmon”

Do I need to buy a canner?

When crisis looms, a lot of us look to securing our food supply. I’m hearing a lot of people saying they want to get into canning these days, but are concerned about the cost of equipment, storage space, and availability of materials. And frankly, just buying “one more thing” for an endeavor that might notContinue reading “Do I need to buy a canner?”

Salsa Recipes for Canning

It’s extremely important to use tested salsa recipes if you plan to water bath can them. With the mix of acidic and non-acidic ingredients, if you get the blend wrong, your final product could have an unsafe pH and harbor botulism. The problem is, most canned salsa recipes taste far too strongly of vinegar forContinue reading “Salsa Recipes for Canning”

Three-week quarantine shopping list

Ok, so you’re starting to get worried about the possibility that you might need or want to hole up at home for a couple weeks to help slow the spread of coronavirus. But it’s overwhelming and scary and stressing you out and thinking about it makes it more real and you don’t want to goContinue reading “Three-week quarantine shopping list”

Finally…GOOD frozen green beans!

I have finally achieved edible frozen green beans from my garden!!! All previous attempts were leathery and dehydrated and went straight to the compost. Here’s what I did: Grew Fortex beans. I also grew Jade II but I haven’t tried those yet. Rinsed and cut into bite-sized lengths. (Ok, tbh I don’t remember if IContinue reading “Finally…GOOD frozen green beans!”

When NOT to use an Instant Pot

Look – I know you love your Instant Pot. I love mine, too, even more than the stovetop pressure cooker I had before (quieter and less mess). It lets me cook brown rice in about 30 minutes without watching (and failing to prevent) the boil-over mess I’d otherwise have. The pulled pork, turkey, and potContinue reading “When NOT to use an Instant Pot”

Big Batch Burrito Bowls (Freezer Meal)

Yields 6 portions This seems like a lot of prep, but it actually comes together pretty quickly. The secret is that few of the individual parts need to be *cooked* before assembling the bowls in freezer containers…just mixed or lightly heated. For the rice (cook the rice first; it’s the part that takes the longestContinue reading “Big Batch Burrito Bowls (Freezer Meal)”

Why do I need a root cellar?

I’ve been gardening for about 15 years now. I’ve gardened at home, at a neighbor’s house, at a community garden, in full sun, in half-shade, in the ground, in raised beds, in containers of all sizes, in a small greenhouse, on the windowsill, under lights, and in the weedy strip between two parking lots. I’veContinue reading “Why do I need a root cellar?”