Root cellar: wall insulation in

I got the rigid insulation up in the root cellar last night. It’s closed-cell Styrofoam – not exactly enviro-friendly, but pretty much impervious to moisture. I was able to close the door, open the window, and get the temp down to 45 overnight. (It was only 40 outside, so that’s pretty good, I think.) IContinue reading “Root cellar: wall insulation in”

Root cellar update: walls, door and light!

Even though there isn’t a single plumb line or right angle in this entire project, and I’m a little embarrassed to let anyone with actual construction experience see these pictures, I am really damn proud of myself for this. With help from my best friend and my husband, I give you: wall-skeletons! And a light!Continue reading “Root cellar update: walls, door and light!”

Storage cabbage comparison

First, I apologize that I don’t know the exact varieties of these cabbages. I bought them at the market and didn’t/couldn’t find out the specific varieties. It’s obvious they have different keeping qualities, though. These were kept in the garage until it got below freezing, then moved to the breezeway (~50 degrees). The one onContinue reading “Storage cabbage comparison”

Building my own root cellar: Slow, imperfect, but progressing

This winter’s project is to build a root cellar in my basement. Our basement is unfinished, and only about 1/4 of the house has a full-height basement – the rest is a 3′ tall crawl space with a dirt floor (and 6 mil plastic sheeting covering the dirt). The house is about 55 years oldContinue reading “Building my own root cellar: Slow, imperfect, but progressing”