Do I need to buy a canner?

When crisis looms, a lot of us look to securing our food supply. I’m hearing a lot of people saying they want to get into canning these days, but are concerned about the cost of equipment, storage space, and availability of materials. And frankly, just buying “one more thing” for an endeavor that might notContinue reading “Do I need to buy a canner?”

How to start a garden in a hurry

March 2020, and the US starts to be shut down due to Coronavirus. Even if you’re not officially quarantined at home, you’re not going out much, maybe not drawing a paycheck, and the store shelves look like this: The good news is, this is a perfect time to start a garden in most of theContinue reading “How to start a garden in a hurry”

Three-week quarantine shopping list

Ok, so you’re starting to get worried about the possibility that you might need or want to hole up at home for a couple weeks to help slow the spread of coronavirus. But it’s overwhelming and scary and stressing you out and thinking about it makes it more real and you don’t want to goContinue reading “Three-week quarantine shopping list”

Em’s food rules

Well, not really rules. More like guidelines. Givens: Food serves biological, emotional, and cultural purposes. People have different biological, emotional, and cultural needs; therefore, there is no one “right way to eat” for everyone – even people in the same region, family, blood type, or other grouping. An individual’s food choices have an impact onContinue reading “Em’s food rules”

Betty Springfield: Thank her for your canning classes

My grandmother, Betty Springfield, didn’t teach me how to can (my mom did). And I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that when I was a kid, I preferred Vlassic pickles to her home-canned ones. (What can I say? Six-year olds think whatever they are familiar with is the One Right Way for things to taste.) WhatContinue reading “Betty Springfield: Thank her for your canning classes”

Food prices at Ann Arbor market skyrocketing!

Having been thinking lately about the lack of summer veggies in my garden, I pondered a few summer recipes and went to the farmers’ market on Saturday to stock up. Yikes! The thing that jumped out the most was the price of sweet corn.  I had finally wrapped my brain around corn being $3/doz, andContinue reading “Food prices at Ann Arbor market skyrocketing!”