Cooking with Canned Salmon

Canned salmon has a lot going for it! Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon is… high in protein, omega-3 fats, and calcium low in mercury sustainably harvested (gets a “good” rating from Seafood Watch) shelf-stable and lasts 4+ years unopened shipped sustainably (unrefrigerated cargo containers on trains/ships) currently half the price of grass-fed ground beef per pound tastyContinue reading “Cooking with Canned Salmon”

Em’s food rules

Well, not really rules. More like guidelines. Givens: Food serves biological, emotional, and cultural purposes. People have different biological, emotional, and cultural needs; therefore, there is no one “right way to eat” for everyone – even people in the same region, family, blood type, or other grouping. An individual’s food choices have an impact onContinue reading “Em’s food rules”

Homemade convenience foods

Dinner tonight was accomplished in about 15 minutes, largely by opening cans and jars. Honestly – it feels like cheating. But it’s all good stuff: tomato sauce (commercial, but local from small farms), home canned diced tomatoes and smoked pork, and hominy (no idea where from, but it’s just corn – no weird ingredients). Oh,Continue reading “Homemade convenience foods”

Comparing duck eggs and chicken eggs

Last week, my friend Tony gave me two dozen duck eggs to try. I’m really glad to have had a chance to try them – I’ve often wondered how comparable the taste is.  The short version? They taste almost exactly the same, though the yolks taste…yolkier, I guess. I must confess: I was a littleContinue reading “Comparing duck eggs and chicken eggs”

Michigan non-GMO soy oil available at Meijer

I just found Zoye soy oil at Meijer. It is “identity-preserved,” which guarantees the non-GMO soybeans are not mixed with GMO soy at any point during processing.  The company uses a lot of methane for energy (landfill gas) and their office is LEED certified.  It is grown and produced in Michigan (in the Thumb region),Continue reading “Michigan non-GMO soy oil available at Meijer”

Buying a 1/4 beef: what we got

I bought our beef from Family Farms Co-op, a group of farms in SW Michigan that practice rotational grazing a la Polyface Farm.  The cattle lead very bovine lives, eating very bovine food, the farms are not too far away and make regular deliveries to our areas, and the quality of the meat is outstanding.Continue reading “Buying a 1/4 beef: what we got”