Michigan non-GMO soy oil available at Meijer

I just found Zoye soy oil at Meijer. It is “identity-preserved,” which guarantees the non-GMO soybeans are not mixed with GMO soy at any point during processing.  The company uses a lot of methane for energy (landfill gas) and their office is LEED certified.  It is grown and produced in Michigan (in the Thumb region),Continue reading “Michigan non-GMO soy oil available at Meijer”

Where is my milk from?

I recently discovered http://whereismymilkfrom.com/ and spent some time recently scouring local grocery stores answering that question. The site is really nifty – you put in the code (in the form XX-XXX) from the carton of milk, cream, yogurt, or even soy milk, and it will tell you the dairy or plant that produced it. IfContinue reading “Where is my milk from?”

Help the coolest pig farm in the world

Sugar Mountain Farm, owned by Walter Jeffries and his stellar family, is what you want a pig farm to be. Pig range freely in a series of padocks, rotated frequently to avoid over-stressing the land. Walter plants root vegetables, like turnips, in some of the fields for the pigs to forage in the fall. InContinue reading “Help the coolest pig farm in the world”

Welcome, Señor Porcus!

Naming our food is a long tradition in my family, starting with Boris the Bull, who I believed would cause my parents’ divorce (do YOU really understand how large a whole steer is? Yeah, us neither…). Last year we bought half a hog and named it Eric. This year’s participant has been dubbed Señor Porcus.Continue reading “Welcome, Señor Porcus!”

Midwest canned tomatoes

After reading this and this about how 95% of all canned tomato products come from California, I did a little digging. My absolute favorite pizza sauce in the world is Dei Fratelli brand. It’s a very fresh-tasting sauce, not heavy-handed with the oregano, and it has no HFCS. I’ve noticed before that the distributor (Hirzel)Continue reading “Midwest canned tomatoes”

Save the Crosby Mint Farm – St. Johns, Michigan

PLEASE NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with the mint farm, and cannot place an order for you. Please go to the web site below and place your own order. The Crosby Mint Farm in St. Johns, Michigan, was founded in 1912 by J.E. Crosby Sr. on two acres. The now 140-acre farm hasContinue reading “Save the Crosby Mint Farm – St. Johns, Michigan”