Locavorious: Ann Arbor frozen food CSA

This is about seven kinds of wonderful. Rena at Locavorious has expanded on the idea of a CSA in some really interesting ways. First, instead of a box of fresh vegetables, these CSA shares are made of frozen fruits and vegetables. All products are sourced locally within a short distance of Ann Arbor, Michigan, fromContinue reading “Locavorious: Ann Arbor frozen food CSA”

My first township council meeting

As my sweetie and I were eating at our favorite local restaurant tonight, the manager came by. Last time I was in, I’d asked if he might look into getting grass-fed beef for their burgers, if nothing else. He sounded very interested and promised to look into it…but really, what else was he going toContinue reading “My first township council meeting”

Local food depot in Ann Arbor!

According to this news article, a new enterprise called “Eat Local Eat Natural” will be opening on the west side of Ann Arbor. Explicitly inspired by The Omnivore’s Dilemma, it will serve as a warehouse and distribution center for local, natural foods – making it easier to get local meat and produce into local restaurants.Continue reading “Local food depot in Ann Arbor!”

Strawberry-Rosemary Jam

A friend and I went strawberry picking this weekend, so Sunday arrived and I had to make jam…or expensive compost. I had planned to make freezer jam, as I’m feeling a bit lazy about the whole canning thing, but when I saw that freezer jam requires twice as much sugar as fruit, I was aContinue reading “Strawberry-Rosemary Jam”

The Rooms at Grayfield, Jonesville, Michigan

I just had a lovely belated Mother’s Day dinner with my mom, and I’m so excited by what she’s doing I had to share. Mom and Dad run a bed and breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan, called the Rooms at Grayfield. The building is the 100+ year old Lakeshore and Michigan Southern railroad station that IContinue reading “The Rooms at Grayfield, Jonesville, Michigan”

Apple Schram: Michigan Sausage and Bacon…and Apples, Too!

Pork and apples go together like…pork and apples! Pork chops and applesauce, pork loin and baked apples, roast pork and sauteed apples, potatoes and cabbage stir fried with ham and tart green apples. But a local organic apple orchard is re-discovering an even older pairing: hogs and apple orchards. Apple Schram orchards (sorry, no webContinue reading “Apple Schram: Michigan Sausage and Bacon…and Apples, Too!”


Thanks to my sweetie for naming this dish. I was getting tired of calling it “pumpkin pie that isn’t really a pie and isn’t made from pumpkin.” Recipe: 2 c. butternut squash, baked and mashed (imagine the neck of the squash in a 1c. measuring cup, and bake twice that much. The neck of aContinue reading “Squashycrumble”

Boulevard Market: Tecumseh, Michigan Cheese Shop

Saturday I took a drive with a dear friend and visited the Boulevard Market in Tecumseh, Michigan. I’d found them on the web by searching for “Michigan Cheese,” and when I found out what all they had to offer, I knew I had to make a trip even though my relationship with dairy foods isContinue reading “Boulevard Market: Tecumseh, Michigan Cheese Shop”

Cilantro Chicken Soup: NaLoFooMo Recipe 3

I started with a whole, local, free-range chicken from Ernst Farms. To make stock: I had roasted the chicken earlier in the week, then, after we’d eaten all the easily-accessible bits… Throw chicken carcass in crock pot. Cover with water and simmer on “low” overnight. (If you don’t have a crock pot, simmer on theContinue reading “Cilantro Chicken Soup: NaLoFooMo Recipe 3”