Why office jobs are better than homesteading

Interesting story behind this post – I saw a link to it on my dashboard and thought “Hey, that sounds like a great article – I’ll go read that” only to discover it was the “Drafts” section of my dashboard. I wrote this two and a half years ago, and every word of it stillContinue reading “Why office jobs are better than homesteading”

Em’s food rules

Well, not really rules. More like guidelines. Givens: Food serves biological, emotional, and cultural purposes. People have different biological, emotional, and cultural needs; therefore, there is no one “right way to eat” for everyone – even people in the same region, family, blood type, or other grouping. An individual’s food choices have an impact onContinue reading “Em’s food rules”

Homemade convenience foods

Dinner tonight was accomplished in about 15 minutes, largely by opening cans and jars. Honestly – it feels like cheating. But it’s all good stuff: tomato sauce (commercial, but local from small farms), home canned diced tomatoes and smoked pork, and hominy (no idea where from, but it’s just corn – no weird ingredients). Oh,Continue reading “Homemade convenience foods”

Lackawanna; or, is this garden burnout permanent?

There’s an exit off I-90 in western New York for “Lackawanna,” and it’s always sounded to me like an extreme case of lethargy – “wanna” being the desire to do, be, or obtain anything. I’ve definitely been feeling some lackawanna lately, largely due to the pilot roll-out of a monumental, complex, and difficult year-long projectContinue reading “Lackawanna; or, is this garden burnout permanent?”