No, you don’t need a greenhouse

I often hear people say “I need to get a greenhouse” very early on in their gardening lives. They assume that a greenhouse is just one of those big things you need to “garden right,” like a hose and seeds. Nope. I owned a greenhouse for four years, and while it had its good points,Continue reading “No, you don’t need a greenhouse”

Terra Preta experiment

Ok, y’all know about terra preta, right? This is where you add charcoal to soil, and through the magic of microporus carbon and those wonderful, wonderful soil microorganisms, the soil retains fertility on almost unheard-of timescales. You put compost in a bed and you need more compost in…a year? Maybe two? Amazonian natives used terraContinue reading “Terra Preta experiment”

The greenhouse, in pictures

So, last fall I was wondering if my comparatively tiny, low-thermal-mass greenhouse would ever be “worth it.” It’s the first week of May.  The greenhouse kale, which I’m letting go to seed, is literally shoulder-high on me. We’ve been flush with greens since mid-March. We’ve harvested about six pounds of Hakurei turnips and greens soContinue reading “The greenhouse, in pictures”

Quick update: Planting in March

So I’ve been doing quite a lot lately, but blogging about it hasn’t been a priority…here’s the run-down: The root cellar has been fully insulated, sealed, and painted. The ventilation is 1/2 done and the shelves are planned. I hope to get to those things this weekend. Planting! In the greenhouse, I have kale, cabbage,Continue reading “Quick update: Planting in March”

Greenhouse kale: row cover makes a big difference!

This winter, my greenhouse was filled almost entirely with kale. The leaves held up very well to the cold, though by January, the stems were pretty knackered from the alternate thawing and freezing. In min-January, I harvested all the remaining leaves from all the plants (leaving only a couple tiny leaves in the center ofContinue reading “Greenhouse kale: row cover makes a big difference!”

Greenhouse: Nov. 6th, 2009

As of today (Nov. 19), the kale is bigger, and the green beans (in the cold frame) are blooming. The total pea harvest has been 7 pea pods…but wow, is it cool to see blooms in November! There’s also some Purple Peacock Broccoli and Happy Rich greens (like rapini) sprouting between the leeks and theContinue reading “Greenhouse: Nov. 6th, 2009”

Greenhouse year in review – 2009

It’s been a mixed year in the greenhouse. I wouldn’t call it an unqualified success, though it had its good points. Here goes: The Good I got to start gardening March 1. Not a whole lot *happened*, but it made me feel good. The peas in the greenhouse bore fruit 6 weeks earlier than theContinue reading “Greenhouse year in review – 2009”