How to Build a Raised Bed Garden: FAQ

These are the most common questions I see about raised bed gardening, along with my answers. Though I try to be comprehensive and not just relate my experience, you may find other things work better in your situation and location. How tall should I make my beds? If you can work on the ground andContinue reading “How to Build a Raised Bed Garden: FAQ”

Microgreen Kit Comparison

Microgreens are all the rage, and for good reason. They are 4-40x more nutritious than their full-size counterparts, can be grown indoors without lights in any season, and are beautiful and tasty to eat. And, as we’re all hunkering down waiting for COVID-19 to burn itself out, lots of people are realizing a little greenContinue reading “Microgreen Kit Comparison”

Flavor Garden

This garden is designed for maximum flavor – taste you literally can’t buy. Garlic – ranges from sweet to peppery to downright hot! If you want garlic scapes, too, be sure to buy “hardneck” varieties. Tomatoes – there are hundreds or thousands of kinds of tomatoes to suit every palate. Every color, every shape, everyContinue reading “Flavor Garden”

Money-Saving Garden

This garden is designed to grow some of the most expensive crops you buy. Sadly, I’m writing for a Michigan audience, so avocados aren’t on the list! But here are some things to try. In April (in southern Michigan), plant these things: Lettuce – surprisingly pricey per pound. Most of the price comes from theContinue reading “Money-Saving Garden”

How to start a garden in a hurry

March 2020, and the US starts to be shut down due to Coronavirus. Even if you’re not officially quarantined at home, you’re not going out much, maybe not drawing a paycheck, and the store shelves look like this: The good news is, this is a perfect time to start a garden in most of theContinue reading “How to start a garden in a hurry”

Vitamin Garden

[Part of the¬†What Should I Grow in my Garden?¬†series] This garden comes closest to the intent of the 1940s Victory Gardens in the US. I hadn’t realized until recently that those gardens were not about growing all your own food – they were designed to free up resources (vegetables, metal, train space, and processing labor)Continue reading “Vitamin Garden”

Fascination Garden

This garden is designed for wonder. It’s a selection of easy-to-grow vegetables that grow quickly, change visibly every day, have intriguing textures, taste great, look pretty, or otherwise lure you into the garden with their charms. Great for new gardeners of any age, or people ready to look at their garden with new eyes! InContinue reading “Fascination Garden”

What Should I Grow In My Garden?

That’s a great question – and it has many answers. It all depends on what you want out of your garden. And because I’m That Way, I’m going to write up some suggestions for different types of gardens you might choose for different purposes. There are a number of great pre-made garden plans available fromContinue reading “What Should I Grow In My Garden?”