These gardening tips are for USDA Zone 5 in Michigan. They will apply readily to other places where summers are 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit with regular rain and winters are snowy with temperatures from -20 to +20.

Starting a Garden

Garden infographic
The basic elements you need are sunlight, a container of soil, and water. Click the graphic for a larger version.

More Gardening

Garden 2022 Wrap-Up

I’ve been working on putting the garden to bed for a few weeks now. With this weekend’s frost, even the monster squash plant that was threatening to vault the fence and eat the house has died back a bit, so it’s more than time. I’m also thrilled that I can see my kitchen table again,Continue reading “Garden 2022 Wrap-Up”

Dried Onion Comparison

I dehydrated two kinds of onions this year, and I’m pleasantly surprised with the results! This summer, I diced several large onions (I forget if they were yellow or white) and dehydrated them. I’m forgetting the details; I think it was three huge onions (about 3 pounds) and it filled 6 dehydrator trays, which driedContinue reading “Dried Onion Comparison”

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