Non-Dairy Block Cheese – Improved Recipe

Skye Michael Conroy is a vegan food scientist who analyzed what it is about cheese that tastes good and makes us happy, then did a ton of experimentation until settling on a group of recipes and a method for making soy- and almond-based cheeses (and some cashew-based ones, too). I highly recommend buying The Non-Dairy EvolutionContinue reading “Non-Dairy Block Cheese – Improved Recipe”

Cooking with Canned Salmon

Canned salmon has a lot going for it! Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon is… high in protein, omega-3 fats, and calcium low in mercury sustainably harvested (gets a “good” rating from Seafood Watch) shelf-stable and lasts 4+ years unopened shipped sustainably (unrefrigerated cargo containers on trains/ships) currently half the price of grass-fed ground beef per pound tastyContinue reading “Cooking with Canned Salmon”

Salsa Recipes for Canning

It’s extremely important to use tested salsa recipes if you plan to water bath can them. With the mix of acidic and non-acidic ingredients, if you get the blend wrong, your final product could have an unsafe pH and harbor botulism. The problem is, most canned salsa recipes taste far too strongly of vinegar forContinue reading “Salsa Recipes for Canning”

Turkey recipes

Thanksgiving is my “chosen family’s” annual get-together. We have settled into a routine where everybody has a typical role in the big feast, and we rotate in and out of the kitchen throughout the day. I cook the turkey and thought it was time to write down my method. Start with a bird that hasContinue reading “Turkey recipes”

Strawberry Rhubarb Yogurt

Every year we make big batches of strawberry jam and raspberry jam, 95% of which gets used to flavor Scott’s homemade yogurt. Today was strawberry jam day, and as per usual, we were wondering about quantities and comparing relative ease and price of different types of jam. Raspberry takes a lot less work than strawberryContinue reading “Strawberry Rhubarb Yogurt”

Instant chicken pot pie

In our house, chicken pot pie is topped with mashed potatoes, not pie crust. I tried layering this in a jar to get the “mashed potatoes on top” look, but the seasonings all stayed at the bottom and the potatoes had sifted down, anyway, so I ended up stirring it all together. Tasted fine…hits theContinue reading “Instant chicken pot pie”

Apple Compote

It’s another great feral apple year! I improvised this dish two years ago when the tree branches were literally breaking under the weight of the apples and pears and I was able to glean literally all the fruit I could eat. This stuff tastes amazing on its own, and it makes a super-quick apple pieContinue reading “Apple Compote”

Soba salmon skillet

Um. Ate this one too fast for a picture. 8 oz. soba noodles or whole-wheat linguini 2-3 scallions, chopped 2-3 heads baby bok choi or similar greens 14 oz can of salmon 2 Tbl soy sauce 1 Tbl vinegar 2 tsp grated ginger 1 tsp sesame oil Chili-garlic paste, cayenne, or hot sauce to tasteContinue reading “Soba salmon skillet”

Ginger beef noodle soup

Yahoo! Tonight I concocted a recipe from mostly-local, wintery foods that do not taste like Midwestern Winter Food: and Asian-style ginger beef noodle soup. It was quite simple: A pint of home-canned stew beef with its broth. You could sub any cooked beef in slices or chunks. Carrots Cabbage Mushrooms Fresh ginger Soy sauce/tamari/Bragg’s RiceContinue reading “Ginger beef noodle soup”

Great summer pizza

Halve and slice a summer squash thinly into a bowl. Crumble in some feta. Cover with a good dash of vinaigrette, Italian seasoning (or whatever fresh herbs you’ve got), and salt. Top pizza and bake. Wow!

Recipe: Stacked tortillas

This form lends itself to lots of options. Here are two I tried recently: Egg and Greens Quesadilla Oil A handful of greens in bite-sized pieces (kale, spinach, chard, etc.) One large egg Three corn tortillas Shredded cheese Salsa (verde is great) In a small frying pan, wilt the greens in oil.  When they areContinue reading “Recipe: Stacked tortillas”

Long pie pumpkin recipe

One of the joys of gardening for me is learning the whole life cycle of vegetables. Winter squash, for example, can be eaten young and cooked just like zucchini, or when fully mature, like a pie pumpkin. I don’t plant summer squash any more…I just rob the winter squashes when they’re young, and I don’tContinue reading “Long pie pumpkin recipe”

What shall I eat?

Ok…I’ve given y’all several months worth of vegetarian, more vegetarian, and omnivore meals. Now…what am I going to cook this month? Leave me a recipe in the comments! Omni or veggie, with lots of vegetables, just no dairy, please.

Kitchen experiments

Savory quick bread I used a Joy of Cooking recipe for “olive nut quick bread” as the base for a bread to serve with soup tonight. No olives or nuts, just fresh rosemary and sage. It was a little dry and needed more flavor – more herbs, definitely, and maybe more salt. Or maybe itContinue reading “Kitchen experiments”

How to make old-fashioned pickles

I’ve just done a write-up of our pickling event for Preserving Traditions. Follow the link for instructions on how to make old-fashioned, lactofermented pickles. It’s really easy and oh-so-tasty!

Pickling update

I’m starting to think that maybe – just perhaps – I have planted too many cucumbers this year. I’ve never grown them before, and I had no idea what kind of yields, I’d get, so I put 3 “tomato” cages in a 3’x6′ bed and planted 2 cucumber plants (var: Little Leaf from Johnny’s) onContinue reading “Pickling update”

Garden breakfast

This time of year, I take most Fridays off to work in the garden and put up the harvest. This helps keep it somewhat fun, and keeps me from getting totally burned out. Yesterday, I harvested the first zucchini and potato from the garden, so I decided to make these for breakfast. They take someContinue reading “Garden breakfast”

Stewed chicken and greens

Dear sweet merciful gods. This was so good: Sauteed onion Shredded chicken stew meat Homemade chicken broth Huge handfuls of fresh spinach, mizuna, lamb’s quarters, and baby kale leaves Dashes of smoked paprika and smoked sea salt Served with a little brown rice and a cabbage salad (like slaw, but with a vinaigrette instead ofContinue reading “Stewed chicken and greens”

Buncha stuff

I’m not going into the details here, because this is not a “dear diary” kind of blog, but oh my, has a lot of Life Been Happening lately. My main task has been to keep my head above water, and if I have any left, those of my loved ones, so blogging…not so important lately.Continue reading “Buncha stuff”

Meat as a condiment

Something I read quite often these days is “We really just eat meat as a condiment.” I know, in theory, that this means meat is not the center of every meal, but what I want to know is, what does that look like? If you perceive yourself as “not eating a lot of meat,” howContinue reading “Meat as a condiment”

Peanut butter bird treats

I made these for my mom for Christmas. The “dough” is made from peanut butter, chopped nuts, and some puffed rice cereal, softened and mixed with black oil sunflower seeds. I pressed it into this mitten-shaped cookie cutter, poked a hole for hanging, then popped them out and chilled them. You need to be sureContinue reading “Peanut butter bird treats”

Make-and-take dinner prep

My mom (hi, Mom!) had a great idea that one of the Grange food activities we could do is a make-and-take entree prep night. I’d put together a menu of three more or less complete meals, using complimentary ingredients, and do the shopping. People would sign up for the number of servings they’d like. We’dContinue reading “Make-and-take dinner prep”

Weird winter salad

This non-recipe is brought to you by the bizarro-land of my winter fridge: Bed of greens Thin shreds of savoy cabbage A sprinkle of the cooked cabbage/brussels sprouts I made for a before-bed snack last night Carrot curls (made with a veggie peeler) Olives (some kind of mixed cocktail olives…not the canned pimento kind) DressedContinue reading “Weird winter salad”

Pantry recipe winner!

In a 100% biased election process, the judge has voted unanimously with herself* and declared the winner of last week’s Pantry Recipe Contest to be…STOVIES! The winner will receive an all-expenses paid weekend at the gorgeous Rooms at Grayfield Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan. Perhaps if you ask the chef nicely, she’ll prepare StoviesContinue reading “Pantry recipe winner!”

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