Building the Rion Hobby Greenhouse

Holy cow. We did it. We built a greenhouse this weekend!

Slide show!

I have daydreamed about having a greenhouse for almost a decade. I’ve talked myself out of one for years – first, I didn’t own the land I gardened. Then, the expense. Then, I had the money but thought I should do something more practical, or save it “just in case.” I hope I’ve made the right decision…but I tell you, it sure feels right at the moment!

Here’s an amazing picture Suzie took – the rest of the details are after the cut.

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I just bought a greenhouse!

*dies of excitement*

Anyone who helps build gets fresh greens in April!

(p.s. – if you want one, this vendor has 9 more available, including two auto vent openers. Make him an offer…I got mine for $200 off the asking price!)

Possible greenhouse?

I’ve been looking for a greenhouse…I think I finally found it:

This is Another contender:

Is extra height good or bad? The second one is almost 11′ tall…will all my heat get trapped in the peak?

Aesthetically, I like the first one much, much more…and it’s modular, so I could add sections onto it. It’s also more than twice the price of the second one, with 20-30sf less easily usable growing space.

My eco-conscious side also says I should build something out of recycled windows and sliding glass doors. *sigh* But the polycarbonate kit could theoretically be moved from year to year – important for soil fertility and pest control.

Ack…what to do??

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