Growing Greens Indoors

I’ve puttered around trying to grow things indoors over the winter for years, but I’ve only managed “worth-it” harvests in the last 12 months or so. This could get long…but here’s what I can now harvest about once a week or ten days: TL; DR – What do you recommend? I suggest you get two,Continue reading “Growing Greens Indoors”

Flavor Garden

This garden is designed for maximum flavor – taste you literally can’t buy. Garlic – ranges from sweet to peppery to downright hot! If you want garlic scapes, too, be sure to buy “hardneck” varieties. Tomatoes – there are hundreds or thousands of kinds of tomatoes to suit every palate. Every color, every shape, everyContinue reading “Flavor Garden”

Money-Saving Garden

This garden is designed to grow some of the most expensive crops you buy. Sadly, I’m writing for a Michigan audience, so avocados aren’t on the list! But here are some things to try. In April (in southern Michigan), plant these things: Lettuce – surprisingly pricey per pound. Most of the price comes from theContinue reading “Money-Saving Garden”

Garden update: early August, 2008

I really wanted to plant a fall garden this year, which I finally did today…even though I think it’s probably too late. I just didn’t make time to get the potatoes out of the ground until Aug. 6th, what with all the canning. (Ooh! New toy! Potatoes will keep…) So I pulled the potatoes, andContinue reading “Garden update: early August, 2008”

It’s not too late to start a garden!

Hey, all you northern folks! It’s not too late to start a garden this summer! Heck, all us early gardeners got bitten by a hard frost the last week in May, so you’re actually ahead of the game. First, be sure you’ve got the basics covered: sun, soil, and water. Then the fun part: planting!Continue reading “It’s not too late to start a garden!”

Victory Garden “Take Five” Update

As part of the Victory Garden Challenge, I offered to mentor five gardeners through building their first vegetable gardens. Now that the gardening season is under way for all of them, I thought I’d bring you an update. Gardener #1 lives in Texas, and so far she’s been chasing down wood for raised beds andContinue reading “Victory Garden “Take Five” Update”

Garden Journal: Planting Potatoes

Today I planted potatoes: two rows of Sebagos (a late variety) closest to the house, then two rows of Russian Banana fingerling potatoes, then two rows of Onaways (early round white variety), then finished out the bed with more fingerlings. The fingerlings were potatoes I grew last year, dug up in late October (or earlyContinue reading “Garden Journal: Planting Potatoes”