New house = super energy-efficient!

I continue to be thrilled by how energy-efficient (or really, carbon-efficient) the new house is! In the summer, we only needed air conditioning in July (when it was over 100 for several days, and over 80 at night, and we hadn’t sealed off the sunroom well yet). In winter, we have only run the propaneContinue reading “New house = super energy-efficient!”

Carbon production at the new house

The first six months at the new house have been interesting in terms of energy use. Overall, we’re holding steady at about 1450lb/mo – on track for 4 tonne/person this year. Though winter’s coming up, and that’s likely to skew the trend upward due to winter heating. Electrical usage went down almost exactly what IContinue reading “Carbon production at the new house”

Propane mystery and comparison of heating fuel saving measures

As I’ve been doing the last few years, I tracked our propane usage this year. It was a rather nasty surprise. We used more this year than last year, despite getting some new windows, a new patio door, and switching from heating the living room to only heating the “library” a couple times a week.Continue reading “Propane mystery and comparison of heating fuel saving measures”

State of the Homestead: Energy

Part of the State of the Homestead series Energy. We just about hit our carbon goal of 10.45 tonnes last year (actual: 10.53t). Heating was our biggest success, I think. We used about 400 gallons of propane last winter, compared to nearly 700 gallons the year before and 850 gallons in 2008.We used the fireplaceContinue reading “State of the Homestead: Energy”

Propane savings to date

Well, we just got our first propane fill-up of 2010. Usually by Jan. 12th, we would have had fillups totaling around 500 gallons. This year, we’ve had a total of 371 gallons – about a 25% reduction in propane use and a savings of $325 and 1625 pounds of carbon. What we’ve done differently thisContinue reading “Propane savings to date”

Carbon Budget – Year in Review

Goal: 10.25 tonnes Actual: 14 tonnes Well, we missed our goal. By a *lot*. We used only about 1 tonne less carbon than last year, so far as I can tell from my less-than-perfect recordkeeping for 2007-08. I’m not happy about it, and I’m not making excuses. I am looking for reasons, though, and waysContinue reading “Carbon Budget – Year in Review”

One Stone Carbon Challenge

If you read this blog, you’re probably familiar with the idea of global warming, and you know that it is going to have serious effects in the coming decades (see this image only if you want to be depressed). You may also know that scientists are suggesting there is a “point of no return” whereContinue reading “One Stone Carbon Challenge”