Drag and Drop Garden Planner

Looking for a simple tool to plan a square-foot garden? Try my new drag-and-drop garden planner! You’ll need the latest Flash plugin for your browser. Each plant icon shows several phases of growth (optimized for US zones 5-6):

  • The colored dots show you how many to plant in one square foot. So, one eggplant per square foot, four lettuce plants, or sixteen carrots. The garden bed ix 4’x4′.
  • Click on each month to see what stage of growth the plants should have. When you see the seeds, for example, it’s time to plant the seeds out in the garden.
  • Most plants keep growing until October…though that will vary depending on when you get your first frost, and whether you cover your plants or not.

Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome!

Garden Planner
This is a very simple tool. If you are looking for something more fully-featured, check out http://www.growveg.com/ , which is the tool I’d dreamed of building…but someone else did first! UPDATE 3-21-12: Gardener’s Supply has a really nice one, too, and it’s free.

Published by Emily

I'm an instructional designer and gardener based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Free moments find me in my garden or the forest, hugging trees and all that jazz.

24 thoughts on “Drag and Drop Garden Planner

  1. this is great! what a neat way to visualize the square-foot garden over the growing season!
    just a few suggestions: could you add more squares of each vegetable and a button to return them to the original colour blocks? also, the peas grow nicely up until June and then they disappear until August.

  2. Zora-

    Good suggestions! I will try to incorporate them (someday…soon…when I have time…)

    About the peas: peas are a cool weather crop, so what you’re seeing is actually two separate crops of pea plants. By early July, they are done with the spring crop, so you pull them out. If you want a fall crop, you replant later in the season.

  3. Wow! What a great tool & fun way to visualize the garden! This is the first time I’ve been on your blog and I’m adding it to my favorites.

  4. Hi,
    Your stuff is really wonderful,
    I am having some scenario, This I want to do drag and drop using javascript in the dynamic environment, Can you please tell me some of the Logics that I can achieve?

    Would be Appreciated!!!!

    With Advance Thanks
    Bhupesh Mohan.

  5. Some of you may also be interested in the Fantastic Farm & Garden Calculator http://www.landshareco.org/ for more serious garden or farm planning. It isn’t a drag & drop layout program, but offers a lot that some of the other programs don’t. It can be used for Biointensive methods, Square Foot, or traditional. It also has three skill levels, garden or farm versions, the ability to enter how many people you want to feed and how much you want to feed each person per week. Plus it has succession planting and intercropping. We used it to plan our micro-farm and CSA and it worked great. I also use it for my 10’x10′ home garden.

  6. The growveg tool was really great – I liked your’s too – but the harvesting schedule they make is really great… 🙂 Thanks for the link! I had looked everywhere for a tool, but couldn’t find anything..

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