Preserving Traditions and the Grange!

Yes. We Can.

Say ‘hi’ to the newest member of the Pittsfield Union Grange! And note that Preserving Traditions is now officially a part of the Grange, with all the rights and benefits accorded thereto.

I wrote it up in full on, but here’s a highlight.

  • The group is now financially part of the Grange, which is financially stable and will fund PT’s activities and equipment. Any income we earn from admission, donations, or fundraisers goes to the Grange kitty and helps support the building and other Grange activities, just as hall rental supports our activities.
  • Free hall rental for all our activities, and first dibs on hall reservations.
  • Lots of benefits for folks who become Grange members
    • Free admission to Preserving Traditions events (that alone will pay for your annual dues!).
    • Earlybird RSVPs for Preserving Traditions events. Grange members will be able to sign up for events a few days before the general public…especially handy since every event so far has filled to capacity!
    • Ability to reserve the Grange kitchen for your own canning, preserving, or large cooking projects for a nominal fee
    • Input on Preserving Traditions equipment procurement. Should we buy a grain mill or a cabbage shredder? Should we have a fundraiser for a new stove? Can we find someone to donate a pressure canner? Grange members will have a place at the table in these discussions.
    • The National Grange also offers discounts on hotels, car rentals, insurance, and some other things.

The Grange is tickled pink about this, because Grange membership is dwindling so much. There are 45 members of this grange, and maybe half of those are really “active.” If PT can bring in 10 new members who really participate in activities, that’s a HUGE increase in membership, and will make an amazing difference in the standing of this local grange in the eyes of the State and National granges.

I will also confess I am pinning a hope on this: that Preserving Traditions can become a model for other Granges, to spread this community-kitchen and oral tradition of knowledge sharing, and also to revive the Grange in a form that is viable and sustainable. This era  desperately needs community that is connected with the land and our food, and I think the Grange could be an organization to provide that. And Preserving Traditions could be the activity that gets the Grange back on solid footing.

Wanna join
? I did last night…

Published by Emily

I'm an instructional designer and gardener based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Free moments find me in my garden or the forest, hugging trees and all that jazz.

10 thoughts on “Preserving Traditions and the Grange!

  1. Congrats, Emily! That is SO AWESOME!!!!!! If we ever do our MLFB fund raiser, we’d have the backing of the Grange, which would be way cool!

    When is the next meeting, because your Grange Buddy will activate for it!


    1. Next meeting is March 18th, 6:30pm. Not sure if I will be able to make it…would you venture forth without me? Tell ’em Ms. PT sent you! 😉

  2. Hi Emily – Thanks for the info about the amount. Unfortunately, the membership form link on the Grange’s website still seems to be broken. ;(


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